Hadas Group has been at the forefront of providing solar and electricity solutions to millions of people since its inception in 2006. The Company It is officially registered with Corporate Affairs Commission and has continuously bridged the energy gap in a dynamic, safe and reliable manner.

Hadas Group Solar energy has become an important factor within the energy sector due to its viability, cost efficiency and environmental advantage, as part of an emerging global trend in the provision of power and energy to over 6 billion people around the world.

Hadas Group herein offers a technically qualified and competent entity to provide effective services to companies, governments and private entities within Nigeria and other African countries. We strive to meet arduous energy and electricity requirements for both domestic and corporate consumption. Our in-depth researches have provided the best options available to satisfy the needs of our people.

Hadas Group is reputed for initiating, conceptualizing, planning, designing and deploying solar powered solutions to meet growing private and industrial needs. We are a facilitator, integrator, provider and installer of a variety of complementary energy products and services.

Our energy solutions are need-based, economically viable, and highly customized to meet global standards.

Solar energy System can help bridge the electricity gap amongst our clients and would-be customers in illuminating streets, stadia, and all manners of electricity needs.

Hadas Group Modern Solar Powered Farms will be safely and securely housed in technically advanced enclosures, consisting of a fortified perimeter, in which all the solar components and utility batteries will be accommodated. From this modern solar powered facility, our reliable ultra-conduction armored cables will be laid in protective underground trunks, in order to supply much desired street lights to the designated areas.