Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our customers with all the tools and technologies necessary to face the future with confidence.

We have the knowledge to tailor comprehensive solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs. Drawing on our multidisciplinary expertise, we anticipate our customers’ needs and help them realize their vision.

How We Do It

Hadas Group Advanced Technologies Ltd. has a strong partnership with companies that have the most advanced products and services in the world, in a wide range of security technologies.


We can provides an end-to-end cyber-defense solution to aid cyber-security professionals and decision makers in securing national, military and civilian networks against all forms of cyber-attacks and cyber-threats.

We focus in the field of cyber defense and are able to integrate cyber-security hardware and software platforms.

We specialize in the establishment of the cyber studies at the highest level,

studies which are theoretical as well as practical.

Advanced Border Protection

Our advanced border protection solutions facilitate continuous and superior coverage of terrestrial borders, air-space and trrritorial waters.

Our solutions incorporate an advanced system, that creates synergies between sensor arrays, ground and mobile forces, aerial assets and data analytics.

Intelligent Web Intelligence

A system dedicated to exposing terrorist and insurgent threats and capabilities as they become known on the open as well as the Deep Web.

The system combines intelligence professionals of the highest caliber with its technology and methodology for collection, analysis and research - in order to produce actionable intelligence products, services and solutions for government agencies and private corporations worldwide.

Our Products:

  1. Deep analysis and reliable assessment of the current operational IED capabilities of terrorists and insurgents worldwide, through the monitoring of open and Deep Web sources where terrorists and insurgents organize tactics and plan attacks.
  2. Reports on threats or terror capability developments of imminent interest, as encountered by intelligence professionals during the course of strategic web-intelligence operations.
  3. Monitoring terrorist trends and developments as they appear on the web, including where terrorists seek to radicalize, recruit, or plot attacks against various targets. We can also evaluate extremist Islamic propaganda, recruitment and radicalization efforts, with a focus on jihadist peer-to-peer platforms.
  4. In-depth forensic analysis via a laboratory re-synthesis of homemade explosive (HME) recipes extracted by us from online terrorist forums, knowledge bases and social networks.
  5. Training - providing theoretical knowledge and practical tools
  6. Threat Level Assessment of Online Jihadist Activity – reviews of online entities, aimed at establishing threat level assessments, terrorist affiliations, or sympathy toward militant groups. All available findings on a wide array of social media platforms are collected and then examined through a unique methodology, that estimates the extent of radicalization and inclination toward / preparation of militant activity.
  7. Customized Reporting – customized reports and preliminary RFI.