Construction and Infrastructure

The Sri Lanka Project

Hadas Group Technology (HGT) has introduced, for the first time in Sri Lanka, an affordable, hassle-free, convenient method of constructing houses, utilizing the latest technology available.

The panel technology being used for the construction of houses could be built within 24-48 hours, in full compliance with European Standard Specifications. The raw material used in the manufacture of panels is a special alloy aluminum, with a thickness of 0.06 mm. The panels are made out of two aluminum sheets insulated by a polystyrene layer, connected by an interlocking system.

The salient features are anti-corrosive, fire resistant, friction proof and water resistant. They are pre-painted by a powder coating of 30 micron thickness which could withstand an earthquake of 8.8 on the Richter scale and wind tolerance of approximately 120 km/hr, as well as an impact of 200 Kg per sq ft.

The company is currently looking forward to construct 25,000 houses in tsunami devastated areas with the help of NGOs. The company has received many inquiries from the hotels and plantation sectors to construct these low cost houses.